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One Kine
Standing here freshly shaved I am waiting for you
Looking and smelling good what more is there to do
When the clock moves on as never before
My problems so vast now as if able to solve in a convenience store
Your window opens and as I get a hint
The faintest taste of desire on my lips a taste of mint
As the wind lifts your vail in this late afternoon
I know that we couldn't have picked a better date in june
Coldness comes to me as I lost sight of your shape
But I regain temperature as one of your legs enters through a drape
My heartrate goes up as your hand closes around mine
Your lips tastes sweet and it makes me even calmer knowing we both are one kine
:iconbunache:Bunache 0 10
Coming to its end
As the New Year comes I am standing by its door
All good things shall for now on never be three but four
With the knowledge of present and of past
I hope and believe it brings something good that will last
During the year that has gone I have learned and taught
All the good things here in the world for which we have fought
This things which I have done
and all those that I have won
In the light of this time
I can see what doesn't pay is crime
Hands and such out of my friend
For even though I didn't know I am now your greatest fiend
:iconbunache:Bunache 0 12
Will Last for now
My vision of this world is getting worse every day
This might be reason enough for others no to stay
In the blurriness that follows few will be able to tell
That I'm just longing for affection and I'm not going to yell
On you for not being there when I needed you the most
Instead you left me sitting, waiting, lonely on a coast
I wanted you to be with me, maybe not to the end
But at least so long that you could be still, for I wanted you as a friend
So you left me thinking I was stupid for not knowing how to behave
Our relationship I ruined with words so that I no longer could it save
The words in my head and those coming out rarely are the same
Their meaning however was that I loved you and wanted it to end less lame
:iconbunache:Bunache 1 37
Menu of the day
If I am to tell you what I really think
The lot of us will need a handful to drink
For I am not pleased with the way of this world
Our destiny is coming towards us as we are getting hurled
Together at this all greater speed
We crush eachother so that others may feed
Towards a solution where we all can stay
The beings in this world will have to eat hay
Because if we keep on triggering our instict to kill
More and greater amounts of people will die so that others can have their thrill
But don't think that I'm not fond of meat
I truly like this rare, fresh feat
:iconbunache:Bunache 1 2
Checking out
My work here is coming to its end
After all this time that I have tried to mend
The things that I have done to those that I like
In the end I'll be drowned with some I can't psych
The beings I know cant't help me for they shall never remain
Against the greater forces we have no chance to sustain
In late afternoon our bodies will need some serious first-aid
The so-called remains will vaporise in a few-colored cascade
As we turn towards the afterlife this solemn night
One can see how we pass by the distant light
Instead we head for the darkness down below
Of us noone will never again have to know
:iconbunache:Bunache 1 2
Staying here
Great stories comes in packs
Many authors works we put in stacks
The first thing I remember of being told
Is that I will understand it once I get old
So now you may wonder what I am gonna tell
Well trust me when I say that I was under a spell
For these things I have experienced is not for the young
Due to my own censourship I will just call it dung
After all this time that you have been waiting for a story
I might as well tell you it began in a lorry
Or it could have if I was from a different land
My mothers' aching pain giving my father delusions quite more than just grand
But this is not about how I was born
More accurately the way I was torn
Between lust and anger for wanting so bad
My other half and since I'm a lad
I wanted a woman that could make me be true
To her and only her NOT you and you and you
:iconbunache:Bunache 1 28
Sitting here, waiting
Rather than sitting here and complaining
I’ll go the neighbor and ask if it’s raining
This might confuse you that I don’t check myself
That can be explained by the absence of health
You see, I am dying as I sit down to write
The moment you read this, I’ve given in to the spite
Of pain and suffering, I hope to know no more
Instead the joy and wonder of other worlds I’m waiting for
So now, right this instance, if all have went well
I have gone to a better place than this earthly hell
In the day of tomorrow, I’ll be waiting for you
For the joy of rejoining and knowing that it's true…
:iconbunache:Bunache 1 27
Thinking of past
It doesn't matter if you've killed,
tortured and violated half of the laws.
I don't care if you've slept with everybody but me.
What matters is what kind of person you are now,
how much you mean to me
and I to you.
I don't want to think of the past to the cost of the present.
And at the cost of our future. Together.
23/09/07  23:09
:iconbunache:Bunache 0 20
It begins with a paper
Being emo, feeling depressed
It isn't like me, fucked up like the rest
Girls all around me are banging eachother
That which used to turn me on, I don't want to see another
The trip to Italy was truely a disaster
If I could have, it would have been over faster
Sure it was great, I enjoyed it a lot
But all the girls turned lesbians right on the spot
Those few that couldn't come with us then
wouldn't need to worry, them being dragged into the lions den
We were 3 on a girl, me my buddy and an "Italien whore"
The guy got a girlfriend, I can't take it no more
Two girls and I, what are the odds of that?
I should have felt lucky, but this luck is a rat
The loved one being underage and beautiful as well
That doesn't bother them, cause they won't tell
They're gonna fuck 'til the end of night
If I haven't already, I'll be crushed at the sight
For hoping of one day getting this one
Then knowing she'll be lesbian, makes me wanna run
of the nearest cliff and end this horrible curse
But I know that k
:iconbunache:Bunache 0 10
Lost bodywarmth
Why is the longing for you as great as ever?
Me? I'm trying to forget you forever.
The hollow in thy bed where I lay is filled.
If I ever am to meet him, he would get killed.
Seeing to the future, but remembering the past.
How come that you have fogotten me this fast?
Running from memories in an all faster pace
What are you looking for? A friendly face?
Coming to an end, this struggle to prevail
All who have been sacrificed and still you fail
If I haven't cared for you, please tell me, be clear
And I'll hurt you even greater and realize your biggest fear
:iconbunache:Bunache 2 128
Me in time
When you see me, you may think of a rock.
Cause I'm not the one that tries to mock.
I go along with what everyone says.
For I am scared of my rocking my popularityness.
As your opposite, I reveal too much.
Not caring, not thinking, not thinking of such.
Why are there people, who wants to be mean?
To all the little people in the World I've seen.
I am waiting for a better day.
When everybody can stand and scream "Yay!"
But that won't happen in a long time.
In the meantime, I don't give a "daim".
:iconbunache:Bunache 1 51
Apple pie by Bunache Apple pie :iconbunache:Bunache 0 129

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:iconstorychick:storychick 3 13



Current Residence: Home, that's Skåneland.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL (you should see my arms. Chimpanzee!)
Favourite genre of music: Pratically everything
Favourite style of art: GAMES!!! ^^ and music
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: sansa
Wallpaper of choice: Cheeta with kids
Personal Quote: Half- (I usually add Half- to EVERYTHING IRL!)
Yez, it is OHN (Other Horrifyingly Nocturnes). Therefore, since I am one of those uncountable "few", I have to do this, right? So, thanks a lot ShadeTheEkidna =P You are one crazy guy. So those of you who like WH40K, go check out his gallery right now!
You other guys out there not knowing why I came back and then left you again; my computer crashed, just like that. I am trying to catch up with you guys. Meet you then =D
The point of the day; Da Tag Game

Tagger: You already know who
Da Rulez:
1. Thou shall not talk about Da Tag game.
2. The rulez most always be posted with the rest.
3. Thou must, when tagged, tell 8 real things about thy self.
4. These things stated in §3 must be posted at the same place as the rest.
5. Then thou will tag another lucky 8 Living or dead, but they must also be able to do this.
6. Those that thou have tagged must receive a notice of this so go put a pm on their page.

Da Things you never needed to know:
1. I have been playing saxophone for at least 6 years, but I never practise, so my skill is that of novice. Still I am one of the two lead saxophones out of a total of 6.

2. I like guns and other sorts of weapons. Mostly I like them for the technical achievement to make them, not for what they can be used for. Oh, nice rifle...*patting it*

3. I am planning to take over the world. When, where and how is yet to come. I do however have a companion, partner in crime. But we will backstab each other when we're close to our goal. So instead I looked for someone that seems to like the whole "shared" idea. So I will tag her, of course. Shared pain you know... ;P

4. I have no actual sisters or brothers. Instead I have a fictional family. They are real, but they are biologically not related to me nor each other. I have 3 blond sisters, one being my older sister. Always wanted one :flirty: I even have a younger brother and an older Muslim sister, known as Nonnez, or the pink Muslim.

5. I would never have ended up in this place if it weren't for a "friend" of mine. I still haven't figured out how to behave when with this person, but she is very clever and a very good artist. So all of you better check out her gallery here Snotra

6. I believe to have an inner demon. He's called Muntaz and he's the one responsible for all the bad things I do... ~Yeah, of course I am. You're SO innocent.

7. I have always wanted to become a fighter pilot for as long as I can remember, but I can't because of my poor eyesight. So now when I have been called to draft the 4th April I'm not even sure I'll be able to make it through the physical tests.

8. I am playing two IRL RPG. In the first I'm Bunache, an assassin specialized in archery, with long dark hair and blue eyes. Turned out I was as dark as an African... but that I didn't learn about until was dead (sacrificed myself for the group).
So now I am resurrected in the body of a twelve year old boy (but the bukake jokes still remains, damn). So now I am little charming boy who is a soul archer (killed one guy from 656 feet distance and later on 10 guys simultaneously when I fired 42 arrows!).
In the other game I am an outside mage, or time mage (able of bending time). There, however strange (or not) it might sound, I am a girl, Meirnaih, whom is a real bitch. ^^ And yes, I look like the lead singer in pussycat dolls... ;)

So those that I choose to participate in Da Tag game is, with an explanation for every last one of them;
:iconstorychick: Since she's been so sweet to me and does all kind of neat pieces of work
:icondarsephtan: He's my man, brother in arms, assassin buddy.  Peace!
:iconlibertinejewel: The one, the only, the HP FF maker to turn Harry gay. Love you^^ Sev FF ftw! You and me ;)
:iconsuishuyiku: This guy got the lot; the looks, the woman, the talent. Now he got this 2
:iconbalrogboogie: Lady of the night, she's the one of you guys I'm most likely to ever meet IRL
:iconcelt-vampire: More mature than me, of the same breed. He's a man of my land
:iconmjranum: Though he got nice models, it's his ideas and motif I admire him for
:iconcoffeesong: The partner in crime I thought I had, maybe still. What do you say?

I also wished to add ew-cia and mowkat3686 but I don't know if they're still with us here on dA.
  • Listening to: Sweet music in my ears
  • Reading: Physics.. Isch
  • Watching: Your sister poledancing... ;P
  • Playing: GameTap addict. FREE GAMES!
  • Eating: 2 plates of lasagne minimum
  • Drinking: Milk! Mom says I'm a calf...


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